black and white outline drawing of a log cabin and trees.  page laid on beige surface with fountain pen and pale pink ribbon.
close up shot of black and white pen illustration of a log cabin and woodland scene with black fountain pen laid to the side.
Venue / House / Home Illustration - Line Drawing
Black and white drawing of a building on a white notepad, laid on a blue background beside pens and a pencil.
Line drawing of a building on a notepad with pens nearby laid on a dark blue surface.
Two pages laid on a blue surface, one a photograph of a building, the other a line drawing of this image.
Line drawing of a building on white paper, with paint brush and pens, all laid on a navy background.
Venue / House / Home Illustration - Line Drawing
Line drawing sketch of building laid on blue surface with pens lying to the side.

Venue / House / Home Illustration - Line Drawing

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Home and building sketches provide a unique way to decorate your wall or shelves or great as a housewarming or anniversary gift.

This particular item is for a black and white line drawing of a building, created with pen and ink, by hand, on heavy weight high quality textured card stock.  It can be of a house, wedding venue, favourite pub, or any other building you'd like to mark with a drawing.

Original artwork comes in size A4 (210mm x 297mm).  

If you would like any text added to the bottom, just let me know in the 'notes to seller' field at the checkout or by sending me an email.  Wording is added in fountain pen in a cursive, modern calligraphy style.  

Once you have placed your order, please email me a photograph of your chosen building to  Please try to provide as high a quality of image as you can.  If you need any guidance on your images, or to check if the ones you have are good enough to use for drawing, please feel free to drop me am email and I'd be happy to check them over for you.