Square Christmas card with colourful stars laid on navy background with fir foliage, ribbon and gold scissors.
Close up square white Christmas cards with colourful stars on, laid on textured navy surface with a red ribbon and gold scissors.
Colourful Christmas card design with brown envelope laid on dark blue background with ribbon, fir cutting and gold scissors.
Blue and Green holly leaf printed Christmas card with brown envelope on dark navy base.
Colourful present print Christmas card styled with fir sprig, red ribbon and gold scissors on navy blue background.
Close up of white square Christmas card, colourful front design on navy background.
Three square Christmas cards with colourful designs on dark blue background.
Pack of Christmas cards with colourful pattern designs laid on a blue surface with styled items; red ribbon, green ball of string and gold scissors.
Close up colour fun Christmas card pack laid on a dark blue surface with red ribbon and green ball of string styling.

Alf and Alba Design

Colourful Christmas Cards - Pack of 6

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Pack of 6 Christmas cards with hand drawn multicolour festive repeat patter designs printed to the front.  There are 3 different card designs within each pack - 2 of each style.

- 2 x Stars
- 2 x Presents
- 2 x Holly Leaves

All designs are originally drawn by hand and printed on to heavy weight, high quality 300gsm card stock and come with brown Kraft square envelopes, wrapped up in a contrast paper band.

Final folded card size: 148mm x 148mm.